-Fort Dauphin-

Game and Nature Reserves

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Nahampoana Natural Reserve is situated 7 km to the north of Fort Dauphin (about 15 minutes by road). It is a small private reserve of only 67 ha.

Berenty Reserve is a small private reserve of gallery forest along the Mandrare River, set in the semi-arid spiny forest ecoregion of the far south of Madagascar.

Saiadi Botanic Gardens– located on the road to Saint Luce (5km to Fort Dauphin)- offers lush vegetation, orchids, lemurs (delightful ring-tailed lemurs and brown lemurs) and Nile crocodiles.

Vinanibe Lake (Ambinanibe) is located at 8 km from the city. It is an immense lake, bordered by a village of hospitable fishermen and smiling children. Windsurf lovers will enjoy their time here.

Andohahela National Park, in south-east Madagascar, is remarkable for the extremes of habitats that are represented within it.

The Sainte-Luce Private Reserve is in southeastern Madagascar north of Tolagnaro (= Fort-Dauphin). It consists of a small tract of coastal forest