-Fort Dauphin-

The Saint-Louis peak, an irresistible point of view

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The town of Fort-Dauphin is sometimes called the land of thorns and is located in the heart of a dream land rich in biodiversity, history and culture. Its magnificent bays, the luxuriance of its flora, its mountains covered with greenery, its coves and make it a key destination of the south-east of Madagascar. Not to mention its temperate climate, moderately warm for most of the year and relatively cool from June to September. Water sports, lazing around, walks and hikes await you in this city at the crossroads of lands and oceans. Enjoy the beauty of Fort-Dauphin by climbing the Pic St Louis. This formation, culminating at 529 meters above sea level, offers a 360 ° view of the city and its surroundings.

Ascension du Pic St Louis à Fort - Dauphin

All the wonders of the land of thorns on the horizon

The Saint-Louis peak is the only place where you will have a magnificent overview of Fort-Dauphin and its region. From the summit you will see to the north the bay of Sainte-Luce and the eponymous village, a place where the first French colonists, commanded by Jacques Pronis, landed in Madagascar in 1642. A little further east, calmly bathing in the Indian Ocean, are the Lokaro Islands. Turn east and south-east: Evatra Point and its fishing village, Andriambe lagoon, Cape Ranavalona and the false Bay of the Galleons. To the west and north-west is the profile of the mountains of the Anosy Mountains, overlooking the magnificent forests of the reserve of Berenty and the park of Andohalela.

How to get there ?

The ascension of the Pic Saint Louis is not reserved only for the adventurers and the sportsmen. Any visitor, in good physical condition, can embark in this incredible adventure. The climb usually takes 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours, through rocky paths through the verdant mountain. The services of a local guide are essential in order not to lose you on the way. They will tell you tales, stories and legends around the peak and Fort-Dauphin in general, that good times to embellish your ascent to the most spectacular view of Taolagnaro!